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Programme Delizie d’Autunno 2017


-11.30 Music with ‘’Grappa Pagura Band’’
-13.30 Pizzica, Tammurriate, tarantella e stornelli (folk Italian dance) with Alberto Sergi.
-15.00 Children make up and funny games.
-16.00 Clown act and mime with Andrea Cappelletto
-17.00 Music with ‘’Grappa Pagura Band”
-18.30 Modern Jazz with Aurelio Tarallo Trio

In the afternoon the distillery room open its doors to show the oldest lambic and the magic behind the grappa making process. All guided by a Pagura family member.
During the whole day the distillery outside space will be open to the public. 

Local Cuisine

-Sassilat – Salumi feast: hot crostini with spicy bacon, white pepper and honey. Grilled Soppressa (typical friulan salumi). Seasonal charcuterie.
-Cilvi and Radicchio’s friends: grilled seasonal red chicory with bacon.
-Aviano dairy: Frico (typical friulian dish which consist of a wafer shredded cheese and potatoes) served on bread or on a toast. Mixed specialities from Aviano dairy, burrata d’Aviano with bacon and pumpkin.
-Crema and Chocolate Confectionery: Chocolate sweets.
-Mothers from Castions’ Primary school: homemade sweets.
-Il Tiglio Association: roasted chestnuts and new wine.
-Alchimie Association: Pasta and beens, Leek and Pumpkin Orzotto (risotto made with barley instead of rice), chips, baby dish ( chicken fingers and chips)
-Pagura Distillery: Pannacotta with Blueberry liquore, Bicerin alla Furlana (hot chocolate, coffee, grappa and chattily)
-I Magredi winery: Selection of wine: Refosco, Divin Otello, Prosecco, Friulano and Chardonnay
-Casula winery: Selection of wine: Merlot, Pinot Nero, Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
-Meneghel artisanal beer