• Spiritual


  • Giorgio Celiberti

    Giorgio Celiberti

  • Paolo Maurensig

    Paolo Maurensig

  • Antonia Klugmann

    Antonia Klugmann

  • Glauco Venier

    Glauco Venier

  • Alba Nocinovich

    Alba Nocinovich

After 20 years the project “Grappa d’Artista” goes back to its origins with a ceramic made by Giorgio Celiberti, the artist with whom the idea of creating works of art to match the noble distillate of Friuli’s tradition was born.

About Celiberti, internationally renowned artist, we just say that, without any doubts, he represents the highest expression of contemporary art in Friuli.

“Spiritual”, the work he’s realized for the Pagura distillery, will be presented to the public on 19th November 2016, the day of the artist’s 87th birthday. To pay homage to the master on this special day we wanted to gather for the event some prestigious people from the region.

It will be the writer Paolo Maurensig to present the work of art realized by master Celiberti, the chef Antonia Klugmann (chef of the year in the Espresso guide for Italian restaurants) will dedicate one of her dishes to him and the pianist Glauco Venier, with the singer Alba Nocinovih, will give the premiere of the concert “Suite for Giorgio.”

In this occasion there will be an exhibition with some of his most representative works at the Pagura Distillery
Special thanks are due to master ceramist Cesare Sartori, who masterfully reproduced the work of art in 200 copies, different in colours and size, that will be all signed by master Celiberti making them unique pieces.

The event at Pagura Distillery will be open by invitation only.