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On its 20th anniversary the ‘Artist’s Grappa’ project undergo a change to reshape it’s format and dimension: no longer a shape and color created by an artist, but a space, as neutral as possible, capable to ‘’host’’ photographic images that are real artworks in and of themselves.
To launch this new and inedited circle we have chosen the photographer that we believe have been able to express the best of our Friuli: Elio Ciol.
With his camera he has remembrance indelibly the memory we have about our beloved land, with its geometries, its shades and the strength of its evocative capacity.
To this timeless imagine we humbly try to give aromas and an essential taste in pursuance of giving them a breath of life.
We trust that the fusion of what the eye can see, the nose can smell and the mouth can taste feeds a sense of fullness and completeness that only authentic things can communicate.
The new Artist’s Grappa will be launched to the public on Sunday 3rd of December from 11.30 at the Distillery. Elio Ciol and Prof. Fulvio Dell’Agnese will be presents.
The concert follows ‘Sonic Visions’: Tribute to Elio Ciol with Paolo Paron Paron (keyboards, guitars) and Roberto Amadeo (bass, electronic).
For the whole day and January and February you can visit an exhibition of some of Elio’s most iconic pictures.
At the end we’ll serve some of the typical products of the area.
To confirm your attendance please contact us on  0434 97021 or drop us a line at [email protected]