Spirit Award 2016

The third edition of the Great Spirit Award, comedy competition that takes place in the wineries and distilleries around Pordenone, instead of remaining only in theaters, will end on Friday 25 November at 21.00 in the Pagura’s Distillery. There will be three preliminary rounds in the 2016 edition.
The first, “Furlans di Spirito”, will be held in Pitars’s winery in San Martino al Tagliamento and will be reserved for works in Friulian language. In this event you can see the shows of the Teatro Incerto, I Trigemius, and the company El Tendon.
The second, “Donne di Spirito”, reserved for female comedy, will host Goldini Giorgia, Laura Formenti and Harmony at the winery I Magredi Domanins.
The third and final preliminary phase “Uomini di Spirito” reserved for male comedy, will be held at the Agri Resort Gelindo dei Magredi and you will see the performance of Eta Beta Theatre, the Chions Dream Men and Manuele Laghi
It will be the public, with its vote, to choose a finalist for each round that will compete for the final prize of the third “Gran Premio dello Spirito”.
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