• grappa and songs
  • grappa and songs
  • grappa and songs
  • grappa and songs

Grappa and Songs

This is a special musical tour for those looking for unusual experiences or those who want to discover the world of grappa with a touch of originality.
Inspired by the “creative spirits” of the distillery, the amateur musician Lindo Pagura has created an original and evocative show to explore the world of grappa through short monologues, pictures and music. The show is performed by the Grappa Pagura Band, whose members are current or former employees of our traditional distillery.
Guests can taste 5 different grappas innovatively paired with food during the show, which lasts about one hour.

Languages spoken: Italian.
Reservation required.
Group size: min. 10 people

Lindo Pagura
email: [email protected]
tel.: 331 1533366